How to Get a Huge Discount on Airline Tickets?

(Updated 26.May.20)

Air travel has become the most convenient way of transport. But it is also the most expensive. However, would you believe that you can get as high as 90% discount on air tickets? Yes, you heard it right. You will pay only 10% of the fare plus the taxes. This is not the seasonal promotion of airlines. This ticket can be used anytime, subject to availability.

I have been in the airline industry for over a decade now. I worked for two airlines and two travel agencies. In the airline industry, there is a so-called ID (industry discount) Ticket. Here are the ways to obtain this discount.

Be an Airline Employee

Being an airline employee, you are given an unlimited 90% off on a subject to load tickets. This is the reason why you will see airline employees traveling every now & then. This is excluding some annual free tickets.

Be a Family of an Airline Employee

You are lucky enough if one of your immediate family members got a job as an airline. It means you will get an unlimited ticket for a 50-90% discount.

 Silly as it may sounds, you can get this benefit by marrying an airline employee. Your family will benefit, too. And by the way, I’m still single (kidding).

Befriend an Airline Employee

In many airlines, its employees can provide a limited number of discounted tickets to anyone not defined as a family member. Some airlines can give a 50% – 90% discount.

Be a Travel Agent

If airline employees have ID tickets, the travel agency employees have AD (agent discount) Tickets. This a discounted ticket given by the airlines to its valued travel agents. You need to be an employee of a travel agency to obtain this discount. When I was in Prudentialife Travel, I remember my manager issued an AD ticket with Philippine Airlines for my colleague.

So hurry up. Be one of the above, and let us all discover the world.

I hope this article provides you essential information to improve your finances by saving more money. Check Finance Tips for more insightful essays.

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Author: Jundril Colita

Jundril Colita is a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai. An entrepreneur/investor and a minimalist who loves traveling.

2 thoughts on “How to Get a Huge Discount on Airline Tickets?”

  1. Befriend an airline employee…you are one, right? Since you added me on messenger, can we consider ourselves friends now? Or do we need to be reeeeally close friends first? 😜


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