How to Get a Ride with Grab in NAIA

(Updated: 25.May.20)

A few years ago, NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) had been named by a travel website as the worst airport in the world. One of the reasons is the transport system (airport taxi) in which taxi drivers are overcharging their passengers. I have been an OFW for a decade now, and I have first-hand experiences with horrors at NAIA terminals. Grab’s introduction to the transport arena made my travel more secure and more accessible.

Let me share with you this fantastic transport option. Here are the details to book Grab.


Grab operates in all 4 NAIA terminals. All of these are located outside the terminal building. Just look for that green Grab booth.

Terminal 1: Main arrival curbside
Terminal 2: Inner arrival curbside between bays 7 & 8
Terminal 3: Secondary curbside between bays 5 & 6
Terminal 4: Curbside


The attendant at Grab booth will ask your destination and will book the car for you. The good thing with Grab is you can book directly in their booth (no need for a smartphone/tablet with internet access). Make sure to provide your mobile number so you can track your transaction that day. Be extra careful and make sure to deal only with the person at the counter. Some people are posing to be from Grab. You would regret later if you mistakenly deal with posers.


The booking attendant will tell you the total fare. You will pay cash to the driver once you arrived at your destination. Pay whatever is the fare displayed on the driver’s Grab app. You can tip the driver, too. You will shoulder toll fees if using expressways.


Grab has given me a very convenient and safe airport transport. Transport services at NAIA are notorious for overcharging customers. Grab offers a much cheaper fare compare to Airport taxis.

Destinations Outside Grab Service Coverage

Grab services at any destination in Metro Manila and to selected areas of its surrounding provinces. I have been booking Grab for a drop off in Bacoor Cavite, but the last time I tried to book for Montalban Rizal drop, I was advised it was out of coverage.

For other destinations in Luzon, you can use the Coupon Taxi. Before Grab, this has been my ever reliable transport buddy from the airport to home. The fare is fixed, and it’s one of the safest as they are commissioned by NAIA itself. I have a separate article, “How to Get a Coupon Taxi in NAIA.”


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Author: Jundril Colita

Jundril Colita is a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai. An entrepreneur/investor and a minimalist who loves traveling.

12 thoughts on “How to Get a Ride with Grab in NAIA”

  1. wow is this serious? is it for good there? As Im about to arrive soon 🙂 with 20km away from airport


    1. Hi Ann,Yes, indeed! This is a game changer. Better than Uber because Grab has a booth while Uber doesnt. But check if they can accommodate long distances. Grab is a metro manila service only and partly on nearly provinces.


  2. Hi,
    This is the first time I will use Grab, do payment in cash be given before or after the ride at your destination place. Because sure I don’t have Phil money after I arrive.


  3. Is it easy to book a grab taxi once u arrived at naia terminal 3?even without internet.or only go to the grab booth directly and make a booking for a taxi.thanc


  4. Hi,
    Will Grab be able to take us all the way to SM North Edsa (Grass Residence, to be exact) from NAIA terminal 3?


  5. Hi I want to try this, is grab already available in GMA (General Mariano Alvarez) Cavite? How
    would I know the transport fare from NAIA to GMA cavite, please.?


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