Why I Invested in Memorial Lot?

Death has always been a sensitive topic to bring up. However, its arrival is inevitable. It is sure to happen that we should not be ignoring the possibility of it coming.

Death brings forth both emotional and financial costs to the grieving loved ones. I was born in the province where memorial lots are given for free. Where neighbors will make coffins out of scraps without any cost.

This is not true if you are living in an urban area or in the city where everything has a corresponding price tag. Dying in the city is too costly and brings enormous financial burdens to the deceased family. This is why funeral wakes in Manila are extended for weeks to raise funds from donations (abuloy) & fees from the nightly gambling.

May Forever!”

When life ends, the tomb is your final resting place. That is your “Forever.” Then why not invest in a decent grave? The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are tombs of the Kings. Each was built for years. Ancient Egyptians spent a lot in the afterlife. Thousands of years after that, the Pyramids live on as a testament to how these kings are remembered until eternity.

Let’s Call it an Investment

Last month I bought a memorial lot at Manila Memorial Park (Dasmarinas, Cavite). My sister & I bought two adjacent lots for P32,500 pesos each. The current price is about P75000 each if you buy directly from the park’s management. We were lucky enough to find a lot owner who is relocating to another province and needs to dispose of the lot urgently. It was a real deal for us, and we wasted no time.

Where to Buy?

The Internet makes our life easy nowadays. There are many agents available on Facebook or just search on Google. Be extra careful and make sure to deal with a legitimate agent only. If you are in Cavite area, I can give you my agent’s contacts. Just drop me a comment below.

I would also recommend for you to invest in a memorial plan. Read “Why I Invested in Memorial Plan?


EarnPeso holds no control over your financial fate. It is here as a guide. Exercise prudence in every investment or business you undertake, and success will follow.

I hope this article encourages you to start your own business/investment. Click the links for Business Ideas and Investment Options for more insightful essays.

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Author: Jundril Colita

Jundril Colita is a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai. An entrepreneur/investor and a minimalist who loves traveling.

2 thoughts on “Why I Invested in Memorial Lot?”

  1. Please kindly send me your reliable memorial lot broker in Dasmarinas Cavite or if you know of anyone else trying to sell their lot.

    Thanks so much


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