Earn from Personalised Artworks & Crafts

When we were young, we used to create some arts and crafts in school. Some are really gifted with talents to draw, paint, carve, and create artworks and crafts. Some might have followed their passion and earned a living from it. But more often than not, this artistic talent is put into sleep as we go on with our adult life and find a different career path.

I couldn’t help but admire Jakeh Montemayor on how she is using her talent to earn an extra income. She works as a document controller in a construction consultancy firm in Dubai. A very hardworking woman, she uses her free time to create some arts and crafts and profit from it.

Jakeh Montemayor

Her artistic talents started to manifest at a very young age of 5. She recalled that her first drawing was a malunggay leaf. Upon growing up, she has improved her artistic skills. Aside from drawing, she loved to create artworks from scrap materials.

Profiting from Her Talent

She started earning money from her crafts when she was in college. She made scrapbooks and sold it for a hundred pesos each. After college, she ventured into selling personalized caricatures. While having full-time work, she earned extra income from painting wall murals and making invitation cards, party giveaways, etc.

Even now, in Dubai, Jakeh creates some personalized artworks and sell it for a fee. Having a full-time job doesn’t stop her from making these beautiful creations. She loves doing it as a pastime and is enjoying it much. She expresses herself thru her creations. Her artworks have provided her with an additional income flow since her younger years up until now. Sometimes she makes arts and crafts for her friends and family as a gift on special occasions.

Below are the arts & crafts that she creates nowadays. If you want to surprise your friends and loved ones on special occasions then these gifts are worth giving. They are unique and unusual presents. Jacqueline accepts orders. You can contact her thru her Facebook by following this link.


 A caricature can be a fabulously fun gift to anyone. It would put smiles into the eyes of people seeing it. It can be a perfect present for any occasion or just for your display in your room.

Engraved Ceramic Mug

 A personalized mug with the name of a person engraved can be a fascinating gift on many occasions. It can be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift. It can also be given as giveaways for weddings, baptisms, and birthdays.

Engraved Wooden Hairbrush

The reality is that ladies can’t live without a hairbrush or comb. Search for their bag, and you will always find one. A hairbrush engraved with a person’s name is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for ladies.


 Piñata is a colorfully decorated container filled treats such as toys, money, candies, and prizes. It is usually smashed and opened broken to release the treats during important occasions, especially for kids’ birthday parties. It brings fun to any parties.

In Conclusion

There are many people out there who are gifted with extraordinary talent, just like Jakeh. You can use this to your advantage. Think of a unique thing that you can create, make it fabulous, and sell it. Small yet multiple flows of income, when combined, can make a flood of money to your coffers.


EarnPeso holds no control over your financial fate. It is here as a guide. Exercise prudence in every investment or business you undertake, and success will follow.

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Author: Jundril Colita

Jundril Colita is a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai. An entrepreneur/investor and a minimalist who loves traveling.

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