Earn from Being an Airbnb Host

The buying power of Filipinos nowadays has significantly increased because of the expansion of the middle-income class. Many can now afford to spend on shopping and leisure activities like traveling. It is very evident from the sights of jampacked malls all over the country.

You can always hear or see on social media, radio, TV, and prints the words vacation and “staycation.” People nowadays are always in search of new destinations to go, unwind, and enjoy. It could be within the city or to other islands in the Philippines. Tourism is undeniably a booming industry where you can jump on the bandwagon and profit from it.


How to Profit from Tourism?

With the increasing touristic activities comes the need for more accommodations. Having a property in a tourist spot will give you the advantage of hosting these adventure or tranquility seekers. If you are looking for a very unique investment in the real estate, don’t just go for the standard condo unit in Metro Manila or any typical house & lot. Look for a property that offers a place to live and a destination to go and an experience to try. You will have the option of living on vacation for life or constant income flow.

When I was in Boracay in 2016, someone handed me a leaflet of Boracay Newcoast. It’s an integrated tourism estate on the island developed by Megaworld. You can buy a condo unit, and the prices are just a little above the average condo units in Metro Manila. Imagine having a home on one of the world’s best islands.

Century Properties is currently developing a very unique and remarkably beautiful estate in Nasugbu, Batangas. Batulao Artscapes is dubbed as the world’s first livable art park. It is an expansive artventure community and a livable art park with designer homes, world-class vacation amenities, and an outdoor mecca.

Another realty developer, Revolution Precrafted, is building the “first livable food park” in the culinary capital of the Philippines. Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore is set to rise in Mexico Pampanga. Amenities include a 12-hectare manmade lake, a community swimming pool, a cinema, museums, spas, a sports center, and pop-up stores featuring cuisines from 200 countries. This development is just a few minutes away from Clark, poised to be the next financial and governance capital of the Philippines.

Airbnb Hosting

Marc Manila used to be my colleague in a company in Dubai. In 2010, he acquired a house in a neighborhood in Laguna that has a recreation, leisure, and retail amenities. For two years, his investment was left idle. Just like many OFWs who have invested in decent homes in the Philippines but are living abroad, his property was almost reclaimed by nature. In 2017 he decided to refurbish and furnish his house and listed it in Airbnb. He earned an average net profit of P25000 monthly. Having seen such a high earning in that property and Airbnb’s great potential, he has invested in a condo unit in Tagaytay, a unit in Batulao Artscapes and one in Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore.

His advice to OFWs is to buy a property where there are touristic activities within or just nearby. You can lease it for a long-term (yearly) or daily leasing through Airbnb while you are away. Your profit from rental will take care of the property’s monthly amortization. For hassle-free leasing, make sure to buy a property from a developer that offers an in-house longterm and daily rental (Airbnb) to give you both options whatever suits you best.

You can replicate Marc’s investment strategy. This is good for OFWs who are always outside the country. In the meantime, you lease it (long term or short term) and let the rental fee pay for itself. By the time that you are ready to go back to the Philippines, a lovely home is waiting for you.

Your condo unit in Boracay, your house in Batulao Artscapes or a house in Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore, can be transformed into a money machine that will bring you a good income source. Aside from the fact that you can enjoy this property whenever you like to use it. In the end, we can’t be an OFW forever. Let us come back to the Philippines and reap the fruits of the investment we sow while working abroad.

If you are interested in acquiring property in Batulao Artscapes or in Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore, you may contact Lea Godinez thru Facebook or email: centurypropertiesitl@gmail.com.


EarnPeso holds no control over your financial fate. It is here as a guide. Exercise prudence in every investment or business you undertake, and success will follow.

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1. Batulao Artscapes
2. Revolution Precrafted, CCEI join hands on Pampanga development


Author: Jundril Colita

Jundril Colita is a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai. An entrepreneur/investor and a minimalist who loves traveling.

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