Is Travel Insurance Important?

I have traveled to 26 countries for the past 11 years, and thanks to God, I never fall ill on my travels except for a minor gastrointestinal disorder when I was in London (lols).

Falling sick on a foreign land can be very draining physically, emotionally, and financially. This can disrupt your holiday and could lead to more expenses in extending your hotel stay, rebooking your flight, and those yummy foods. Not to mention the hospital and medicine bills.

Not wishing for this to happen, the good thing is my company’s medical insurance has international coverage. Any hospitalization expenses will be reimbursed.

What is a Travel Insurance?

It is a type of insurance covering medical expenses, costs related to trip cancellations or delays, accidents, and other losses incurred while traveling. This is commonly used when traveling internationally but can also be used domestically.

When my elderly parents visited Dubai in September 2019, I made sure to buy travel insurance. That was their second time to have visited Dubai. They had no insurance the first time they came, and even when we traveled to Hong Kong in 2010.

What made me buy insurance was an incident that happened to my colleague, where her dad fell ill while vacationing in Dubai. He had to be transported back to Manila on a stretcher.

A stretcher case onboard a flight needs a special arrangement with an airline. It comes with a hefty price tag as it requires at least six seats on the plane, plus the seats of the attending nurse and the family of the patient. We are talking 700,000 to a million pesos for a stretcher passenger for a flight from Dubai to Manila.

How much is Travel Insurance?

The cost depends on your destination country and the duration of your stay. For my parents, I paid only P2308 per person for a 30-day plan. I took it from and paid with a credit card online. It was the cheapest insurance available online with medical treatment insurance of up to half a million pesos. It will also compensate for other travel-related events such as loss of travel documents, flight delays/cancellations, loss of baggage, and even has life insurance coverage, too.

My Mom’s Travel Insurance Certificate

Thanks to God, my parents’ holiday in Dubai went well. They had enjoyed a lot their month-long vacation. The policy I bought has given them peace of mind and just focused on enjoying their trip.


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Author: Jundril Colita

Jundril Colita is a Filipino expatriate based in Dubai. An entrepreneur/investor and a minimalist who loves traveling.

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