How to Buy Stocks?

It’s simple to buy stocks. Don’t be afraid of the numbers that appear on the screen. They don’t bite. You don’t need to understand all of them. Let’s focus on the red circles.

1. Log-in to your COL account.


2. In the menu, you click Trade, then select Enter Order.
3. Enter the Stock Code of the company (CEB is the code of Cebu Pacific Air)
4. Enter the Number of Shares you will purchase. Please note that the number of shares depends on the company’s Board Lot. At CEB, the board lot is 10 shares. This means 10 shares are the minimum purchase, and multiples of only 10 shares are purchased (20, 30, 40 shares, etc.).
5. Our guide to buying is selling as BASB. Buy at the Ask, Sell at the Bid. In Price, you place 3rd from the top price under the Ask column. This makes the buying order executed promptly.
6. Click for Preview Order.


7. Review your order details as well as the Total Order amount.
8. When all is right, Enter your Password.
9. Click Place Buy Order to complete the purchase.
10. The below confirmation appears. You can click on the Trading History link to see if the purchase is “Executed.”


11. The below appears after clicking Trading History. Just click Show Orders.


12. If the status is Executed then it means that your purchase is successful. If not, just wait a few minutes.



PSE Trading Schedule
Mon – Fri (Closed on weekends & holidays)
09:30am – 12:00pm & 01:30pm – 03:30pm


EarnPeso holds no control over your financial fate. It is here as a guide. Exercise prudence in every investment or business you undertake, and success will follow.

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